A new year and a new semester!

Welcome to 2018! A week in and I am already feeling it - on the last day of break, I spent it catching up with my friend Joyce, exploring downtown and eating brunch at Yolk's Breakfast, known for their eggs benny and orange juice mimosas.

To be honest, there isn't really much to say about 2018, as of yet, other than the fact that classes have already started and I am back to working on design projects and such. For the Canadianized Asian Club (CAC), I have taken the role on revamping the club's current website, as well as joining the promotions committee in hosting their annual end-of-year event, known as the Members Appreciation Night, or MAN.

Happy 2018, everyone! On a side note: Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2018 is Ultra Violet 18-3838, my favourite colour!



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