May/June/July/August 2018 (Actually, let's call this a personal reflection one year later...)

So knowing that I write one blog post each month, I obviously wanted to continue that throughout this Summer. But I guess I got too busy to keep up and update you guys, but I SWEAR I will get back on it when school starts again in a week.

However, I did want to share with everyone what I've been up to this Summer, and also a yearly reflection of my first year at SFU after transferring from a smaller school nearby...


As of Thursday, August 9, 2018, after I wrote my final exam of the Summer 2018 semester, marks approximately a year since I transferred to SFU and finally got the ball rolling to become your typical 20 something year old millennial and also your local #GIRLBOSS/hustler/role model/etc…

Over the course of a year, I sold my soul offered my creative skillset to a bunch of clubs and organizations on campus — becoming a slave to attending weekly meetings, meeting deadline after deadline after deadline for the many projects I poured my heart into — not to mention the one semester that consisted of the many nights of me staying up until 3:30 AM, which eventually took a serious toll on my physical and mental well-being. However, it if weren’t for me joining these clubs, I wouldn’t have met such amazing people, made lasting friendships, learned how to take constructive criticism (and also developed a thick skin from ignorant and rude people), and most importantly, became a new and better me each day.

Over the course of a year, I job-hopped from one place to another. And another. And another. Until I finally landed a position as a graphic designer and social media assistant at a beauty studio near downtown Vancouver. Work environment and culture means everything to me, and especially in times like today where stress and anxiety are common deterrents from living my best life, I would just like to say, “Not today, Satan.”

Over the course of a year, I kept attending concerts, Canucks games, and developed a bad habit of buying $7.00 CAD lunch on campus every Thursday afternoon after my CMNS 202 lecture. Don't get me wrong, the breakfast poutine at Mackenzie Cafe is amazing though. I just probably need to know how to budget properly and learn how to make lunch at home.

I attended back-to-back concerts, which were Jhene Aiko and Jay-Z, and came home way past midnight at least once or twice per week during the Winter Break.

I nearly got trampled on while I was in GA seating at the Tyler, the Creator concert, which resulted in me getting a badly bruised arm the next day.

I skipped my last tutorial of the semester and impulsively bought tickets to see the Sedins’s last home game as Vancouver Canucks at Rogers Arena after they announced their retirement the same week, and I sent an email to my TA giving her permission to fail me by not being at tutorial in order to present my final project. Don’t worry, I ended up getting a solid B on that project, even though I was required to be at my tutorial.

Would I do it all over again? The answer is yes… if money and time didn't stop me from doing all these things, that is.

And over the course of a year, I guess I changed. I’m now your self-made, typical 20 something year old millennial and your local #GIRLBOSS/hustler/role model/etc who’s trying to make a name for herself. Along the way, I made a lot of friendships, and lost some friendships too. In another year’s time, will I change again? I certainly hope so, but for the better.

I often romanticize and live by this post-80s/90s hipster brat aesthetic, and having an edgy but ambitious personality, thanks to my high school self of owning a moderately successful Tumblr blog back in the day. I also romanticize of venturing my dream and packing my bags and moving to Toronto to live the millennial equivalent of the American dream, but in Canada — and yes, I am aware that I will be all alone when I do this and can only rely on my lived experiences, memories, and lessons that I've learned in life so far. But, I will admit that this fantasy is really exhausting and it is soul-consuming. At the end of the day, however, such is life, and the events and that have happened to me, happen for a reason. I have learned from those occurrences, and I do not let the bad days get to me. If uncertainties do happen, all it takes is to forgive and forget, and to move on.



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