Website relaunch of | Back to school!

I am excited to relaunch my portfolio website to all my friends and followers! After transferring to Simon Fraser University for the Fall 2017 semester, I wanted to get my website back up on the world wide web and to get a head-start in the professional world too. Design and social media have been two main interests for my entire life and it is great to say that I will be pursuing both - not only as a hobby, but also as a career. Therefore my website will serve as a compilation of work I have done for close friends, colleagues, and organizations as time goes by.

What am I up to for this Fall semester? I will be taking (dying) four courses - IAT 102IAT 201CMNS 130, and CMNS 253W. I am continuously getting involved in the SFU community - I am the Graphic Design Coordinator for SFU Student Marketing Association's networking pillar event, Marketing in Focus (MIF), and a Chapter Writer for Her Campus SFU, so stay tuned for future updates of my work!

Design and school aside, you can catch me attending the occasional concert here and there - ZeddThe Weeknd, and Jay-Z are some artists I will be going to in the last few months of 2017.