Engaging the world

Although my first official month at Simon Fraser University started in September, I'd like to say that all of the study sessions, club & executive meetings, and endless nights of staying at campus until 9 or 10 at night began to roll out in October. I am guilty of amassing unread messages on Facebook Messenger, giving 30% of my contributions instead of 100% on a group project, and making last-minute impromptu decisions when it comes to attending a school event. If I was being interviewed for a job position right now, and I got asked the question, "What is your number one weakness?", it would undoubtedly be time management.

That is not to say that I am not passionate or dedicated when it comes to the things I love to do. A recent saying that I have found and am living by is, "I will either succeed, or I will die trying." To me, failure does not exist. If I end up doing something and I do not get the desired outcome, at least I know that I tried that one time.

My energy put into design and seeking any new opportunities continues to unravel. In late September, I joined and became an executive member of the Canadianized Asian Club (CAC), having being accepted into their Communications department. I am still making collateral for the Student Marketing Association, and our pillar networking event, Marketing in Focus, is coming up this Saturday! Five months of hard work have finally paid off and it will all come into effect on Saturday, November 4. You can still buy tickets and check out our event on our Facebook event. I am still continuing to write for Her Campus SFU as a bi-weekly writer, and two articles I have written have already been published (12).

As long as I am contributing in our society as a human being, let's say that I am abiding by SFU's official motto - engaging the world.



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